Very Different Voices:
Perspectives and Case Studies in Treating Sexual Aggression


By David S. Prescott, LICSW
    & Robin J. Wilson, Ph.D., ABPP

ISBN: 978-1-929657-79-7

Available from NEARI Press




This book began in conversations with our dear friend, colleague, and publisher, the late Steven Bengis, about how we were concerned that clinical case formulation was becoming a lost art. It grew into a quest to have master therapists discuss their work and important topics in the treatment of sexual aggression.

Most of us know the drill: Punishment-only approaches don’t work in reducing any crime. The right person-centered treatments often work very well, and treatment combined with support for community stability works the best. The safest sex offender is stable, occupied, has supportive people to whom he is accountable, has plans for the future, and everything to lose by doing it again.

Special gratitude to Joan Tabachnick for helping move the project along.


Steven Bengis
– Foreword

  1. Joann Schladale
    – Can It Get More Complicated Than This? A Family Impacted by Intellectual Disabilities and Sexual Abuse
  2. Robert E. Longo
    – The Use of Neurofeedback to Treat Traumatic Brain Injury in Sexually Abusive Youth: A Case Study
  3. Thomas Graves
    – A Pedophile’s Prayer
  4. Kevin M. Powell
    – Case Study: A Strengths-Based Approach
  5. Donald R. Pake, Jr. & Robin J. Wilson
    – Johnny: A Case of De Clérambault’s Syndrome
  6. Jordan Hoath
    – Stephen: A Young Man with Intellectual Disabilities
  7. Susan L. Robinson & Tammy L. Leombruno
    – The Case of Tina
  8. David S. Prescott
    – At Our Best: Motivation and Motivational Interviewing
  9. Kathy Prentice (Kathy Myhill)
    – Another Piece of the Jig Saw: Trauma-Informed Care in Rural Australia
  10. David Ley
    – The Use of “Sex Addiction” in U. S. Legal Proceedings
  11. George Stuart Leibowitz, Jamie Yoder, & Stephen Contompasis
    – Working With Adolescents with Autistic Spectrum Disorders and Sexually Harmful Behavior:  Case of Lewis
  12. Gwen Willis, David S. Prescott, & Pamela Yates
    – Application of an Integrated Good Lives Approach to Sexual Offender Treatment
  13. Patrick Liddle
    – There's an App for That: Applications of Treatment Models in Family Work
  14. Phil Rich
    – Applying an Attachment-Informed Approach to Work with Sexually Abusive Youth