Knowledge & Practice: Challenges in the Treatment and Supervision of Sexual Abusers

By David S. Prescott, LICSW
November, 2007

Available from The Safer Society Press
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ISBN: 978-1-885473-76-9

From the back cover:

Knowledge and Practice addresses the problem of applying knowledge and research to real-world treatment of sexual abusers. The authors describe personal research applications and suggest how others can learn from and apply this knowledge. Edited to highlight diverse voices, Knowledge and Practice collaborates leading professionals in the field to produce a “conference in a book.”

Review comments

“What a wonderful volume, full of important and current topics, rich in essential history. Knowledge and Practice is readable yet deeply referenced in current literature and research. It gives guidance to the practitioner yet is readable for a broad audience.”

— Steven Sawyer, MSSW
Executive Director, Project Pathfinder
St. Paul, Minnesota

Knowledge and Practice is indicative of the increasing growth and sophistication in the treatment of those who sexually abuse. In parallel with human development, this field is moving out of adolescence into adulthood, with the concomitant ability to take a look at our identity by looking at what each of us chooses to do. What a wonderful step, and thanks to Prescott for opening that door to us all!”

— Janis Bremmer-Reuter, Ph.D.
Open Way Learning
Eden Prairie, Minnesota

A thorough and expansive review of many of the field's important topics, highlighting the multifaceted and complex nature of treating and managing those who sexually offend. A high-quality resource for those studying or entering the field, as well as professionals ready to update and broaden their perspectives.”

— Carmen L.Z. Gress, Ph.D.
Simon Fraser University
& Pacific Psychological Assessment Corporation
Burnaby, British Columbia

This book offers the reader the heart and wisdom of our field while providing invaluable information for the road ahead to better direct all those interested in preventing sexual abuse and making our communities safer.”

— Lawrence Ellerby, Ph.D.
Forensic Psychological Services, Ellerby & Associates
Winnipeg, Manitoba

“Overall I found the book to be a real treasure trove. It contained chapters on topics that I had been meaning to read up on for ages. And there were chapters on topics I didn't even know I needed to know about, but having read them, I realize how important they are. Knowledge and Practice is a text with accessible and readable chapters that challenge myths and assumptions, and is strong enough to present controversey and a personal voice at the same time.”

— Ruth Mann, Ph.D.
Sex Offender Treatment Programme, Offending Behaviour Programmes Unit,
HM Prison Service
Wakefield, West Yorkshire, UK